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360 Profile
What You Must Know About the Root and the Fruit of the Spirit 

This 40 minute teaching ​and subsequent in-depth 360-profile will help you learn how to get to the ROOT of your problems. Some possible FRUIT stemming from root issues can include: depression, anxiety, stress, anger, lust, etc...  If Christians are only addressing the symptoms, but never discovering the roots, then real change will be very difficult if not impossible to achieve. 

Discovering and getting rid of ROOT issues can save your soul. In this heart message, Pastor Steve Cioccolanti explains why shallow Christianity comes from shallow repentance, and how to cure it with the Holy Spirit's guidance. 

Fruit of the Spirit 3D-400x400.png
Step 1: Watch the Message
Step 2: Take 360 Profile

This is a 110-question ​survey that will help you to discover the root issues in your life. Taking the quiz and receiving the results by email is just the first step however. Once you discover the roots, you have to take them to the Cross. You may be able to do this yourself, or you may find that you need some further assistance.

Step 3: One-On-One Coaching (optional)

After receiving your personal results, you may want to go deeper with a Qualified Christian Counsellor. They can help you to further unpack and resolve your Root Issues. 

To schedule One-On-One Coaching, click here:

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