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Our Christmas Gift to You- Start the New Year off right with goal setting!

Did you know that God created ‘goals’ and that the Bible is simply a book of God’s goals? One of His main goals was to redeem the world through the sending of His Son to die on the cross for our sins. In this succinct message, Pastor Steve Cioccolanti breaks down everything you need to know about goals: what the Bible says about them, how to dream and set big goals, and then how to achieve them. Don’t miss out on hearing this timely word that can help you to achieve all that God has planned for your life through the use of GOALS!

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Make 2023 your best year yet!

Most people start off the new year well. The have their New Year's Resolution in mind. They are determined. They are optimistic. This year is going to be different from any other year before!

Yet, come February or March, that energy is gone. That motivation is gone. And they revert back to their usual self.

What happened?

Most people fail to reach their goals, because they have no idea how to set their goals, or implement the necessary steps to achieve it. If your New Year's resolution is driven purely by a burst of excitement, you are bound to fail.In this hour-long sermon, Pastor Steve Cioccolanti shares with you the 5 effective steps in goal setting that is guaranteed to produce your desired outcome!


Whatever goals you have this year, be it getting that promotion at your work place, losing that extra 10 pounds in the gym, learning a musical instrument, spending more time studying the Bible, apply these 5 steps and the results will astound you.

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