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  • What's the difference between USA Church & Discover Church Online (DCO)?
    DCO is a 24-hour church without walls. This is where my partners and collaborators grow, fellowship, share ideas and serve in ministry together. DCO service is weekly, while USA Church service is monthly. DCO is international. USA Church is national. USA Church is open to US residents only. You can be a member of either one, or of both. US residents who seek to progress through the 8 levels of advancement for USA Church will need to join the Online Church App (DCO) to complete the requirements necessary.
  • Is USA Church free?
    It is completely free to join USA Church. You'll be able to register your details with USA Church and are welcomed to attend the monthly services. We do encourage all members to complete the MI Survey and the 360 Profile Survey within the first month of joining so we can get to know you better and have a better understanding of your personality online. We also have a 8 level advancement program designed for those who would like to grow within our ministry and seek opportunities to serve. The program is available to those who join our official Online Church Network App (DCO), further details can be found here:
  • Why should I "pay" to join the Online Church App?
    We are pioneers of online church and understand that joining is a new thing for many Christians. Why should someone join a subscription-based community when YouTube is free? First, YouTube is not "free" -- they make billions of dollars from ad revenue while paying creators a fraction. Second, we as a society pay an enormous price when we allow a Big Tech monopoly to censor Christian voices. Third, online church is more than a unidirectional consumption of videos-- it is a clean community with two-way interaction. If we as Christians want an ad-free, censorship-free, clean social media, it cannot exist for "free." It is a worthwhile cause to support online church and build a community of genuine disciples of Christ, with access to worship, prayer, fellowship, mentoring, and ministry opportunities.
  • Why is the Online Church Network a subscription based model?
    You can think of it like any other premium subscription service for online networks or forums, these apps are unfortunately not free to run and require a team of people to operate. The membership gate helps us to bring in and keep those who are seeking our ministry with the right intentions. Just like a physical church would have ushers as security for attendees of the service, the subscription model provides that initial security to ensure that our Online Church Network is safe. Our subscription tiers start at a minimum of $22 a month which is the Basic level. We have designed this low-cost affordable tier as a similar concept to tithing in a physical church. Christians who are looking for a Online Church to tithe to can utilize this tier as a method of tithing.
  • How long will online church last?
    Online church is new but it's not going away. It's God's idea. Technology belongs to Him. Unlike subscriptions to Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Disney+, online church leads to real, personal interactions, including the potential of water baptism. These relationships can be eternal.
  • Why should I join online church?
    Imagine becoming an active member of 24-hour church. No lockdown will ever stop you again from obeying God, honoring Him each week and growing with believers of like precious faith (Hebrews 10:24-25, 2 Peter 1:1). You will also help a ministry you love reach more souls and produce more high quality resources that prepare the Body of Christ for His Return. Like anything in life, you will get out of it what you put in.
  • Does my membership subscription to the Online Church App count as my tithe?
    Yes, your membership to Discover Church Online can count as part of your weekly tithe. Even the top tier of membership, Inner Circle, at $120 a month is well below the tithe most Christians pay monthly, whether you are employed or retired. DCO membership can certainly count as part of your tithe, or as an offering.
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